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Saturday, June 25, 2011


No games, no fracturing with off topic hits
No surrender, no promise that wanes and quits
You and I, without a plane of must endure
We're braving it, putting behind empty lure

We're at a quiet and unassuming place
Discontent history cannot leash or chase
There's no surge or attempt faking cool to go
We begin, and it starts, feeling from zero

No pretend, no nervousness with falsity
No test, no agenda that baits jealousy
No shutdown or starving by stringing along
No wishing away or misleading belong

We're at a quiet and unassuming place
Discontent history cannot leash or chase
And yes, I want, I need so very much more
And yes, my want, my need is more than before
You're indulgence, happiness that I adore
Inspiring, beguiling, cool to go
We begin, and it starts, feeling from zero

(tired of being zero, wanna feel, love real)
(should I believe ... wear my black heart on my sleeve?)
(be a hero, be a hero ... for zero)

(c) Kay Irvin

Friday, June 24, 2011


Delicate trees
Honeycombs, honeybees
Whirling in late morning heat
Locust clicking
Grandfather clock ticking
Gold-glazed iced tea is a treat

Sparrow flying
The cunning fox spying
Deer sip to ripple the streams
Woodsy perfume
Wispy scent flows each room
Kaleidoscope, stained glass beams

Lilac and dew
Lavender mixes through
Honeysuckle, jasmine, rose
Ivy spreads out
Blush daisy blooms about
Meadows calm as Spring clouds close

Horned owls, raindrops
The first firefly pops
Heart of a wolf, leading way
Light dotting dark
Mystic May blesses spark
Night song and silhouettes play

(c) Kay Irvin

'And no one really knows
... the child who comes and goes'
(from Changeling - Kay Irvin)

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