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Saturday, May 17, 2014


We become more and more jaded
every time our fragile hearts break
And I stopped being a girl
when I became a woman

No matter what anyone says;
Innocence is truly lost over time
- Little by little and piece by piece 
of those delicate heart-dreams

To the bone-weariness happens out of 
melancholy moments 
- When you lose the love of people, one by one,
that were once (each) a brightness
in a world that can be very dark and troubling

Then, the pitch becomes companion
(a mired down restitution)
But it's something to hold on to
And we all need something to hold on to
Anything ... not to feel alone

© Kay Irvin

Candy Wrapper

I don't want a man, sugar-sweet
Making love a game,... trick, no treat

Don't flirt with the idea of having a relationship with me,
especially for the (unspoken but thought of)
selfish reasoning,... that I'll occupy your amusement
until something better crosses your path

Don't dress romance up, to the nines, using poetic sway
to reference all things delish ... 
- Then, decide to pull back, change the topic, joke off anything
even remotely serious and starve my appetite for affection
until (if/when) you make up your damn mind

Don't make me believe in us having a chance
- Then, pine about some other girl you're not over
I'm not an option for you to keep in limbo,
while you emotionally disconnect from a past partner
We all eventually mention a former boyfriend/girlfriend
but ... I don't want to hear about her,
on and on and yawn and yawn

Forget the gingeryhot, mating ritual if you only plan to
retreat when I actually call your bluff with the grit
to take you up on it

Succulent time will be a waste
If I won't ever get a taste

© Kay Irvin

Friday, May 16, 2014

Devil Horns, Crescent Moon

Close my eyes and go down the wormhole
Cobweb-cradle, lower my descent
Spidery pinpricks poison my soul
Blood's on the moon, devil horns-crescent

Subconscious honey-song drifts the tomb
I've been here before, indigo-mist
Reality torn, born from night's womb
Released,... Oh, with shock to coexist

My heavy heart misled my sleeping
Shadows play, their footsteps are racing
And as the deathly game is creeping
Elongated fingers aim, chasing

Nooses line staircases, ropes swinging
Then, coil as snakes from the bowels of Hell
Switch scene,... muted corpse-choir is singing
Slumbering horrors, I know thee well

Burning, bed covers are confining
Lucid dreaming teases reckless spell
Light is devoured, demons are dining
Slumbering horrors, I know thee well

What distorted world, time has befell
Wherein challenge spikes 'til wake meets swell
But I shall return rouge-dern, damned dwell
Slumbering horrors, I know thee well

© Kay Irvin

'And no one really knows
... the child who comes and goes'
(from Changeling - Kay Irvin)

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