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Monday, June 24, 2013


Not a tempest in a teapot
But distant plane, some have forgot
And it won't do, and it won't do
I call forth the shadows,... peer through

Hello or good bye, yes or no
Planchette is placed, chalice Bordeaux
And with a heart-shaped, little plank
Welcome from world, vast and dank

Eleven : eleven blesses
Hazel eyes and raven tresses
Our thirteenth chime awaits nearby
Yes or no, hello or good bye

Spark the candle, lend to my voice
Spectral portal, tend with your choice
Let me be your enchanted host
Show me the things, you covet most

Memories, recorded vision
Lightning strike, be your incision
To this side and ready wonder
By flesh, blood and steady thunder

Tell your tale and well, I shall scribe
Prolific journals, sweet imbibe
Slate poised, unrehearsed sessions
Sate my thirst, unriddle questions

Beyond life, death and mortal coil
The folds of time, unearthly soil
Flotsam souls, mine to thine now merge
Old and kindred, shared lonesome dirge

Terror-spurned from your window's sash
Perhaps others would dread and dash
Whose niche is that of a jackal
Aging, sure as youth will crackle

But I invoke thee, bring cold swirls
Fling opulent orbs, dancing pearls
We live but shells, reckoning task
Beckoning quench of unknown cask

Vent, weep, whisper, scream and opine
Slither, unwither, serpentine
Unleash,... I beseech, unravel
Crawl from secrets, splay the gravel

What say you, what of portent dares ?
What descent creaks upon the stairs ?
Disconnected stride, bid token
Enter, center bide, unbroken

Unveil what cannot be unseen
Strip the night, unto toll, thirteen
Whatsoever pitch envelop
Free, clear as portraits develop

I call forth shadows, touch my veins
Love and care, without harm nor chains
Exodus, black room, sheltered gloam
If so inclined, make here, your home

(c) Kay Irvin

[courtesy: Wikipedia]
For other uses, see Necromancer ...
Necromancy /ˈnɛkrɵˌmænsi/ is a claimed form of magic
- Contemporary séances, channeling and Spiritualism
verge on necromancy when supposedly invoked spirits
are asked to reveal future events or secret information.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Drops of Moonlight

Oceans of love
Each time I'm with you
Each time I see you
I wrap 'round your sighs and laughter
As a shell encompasses an oyster
And a treasure within
And another created
And another created
Precious moments, connecting
A string of pearls
As stepping stones to more and more
Drops of moonlight
The ebb of disappointment set adrift
Replaced with elation
Salty spray engulfing me (entirely)
Pulling me in
Rushing around me
Foam, current, waves of splendor
White sand orbs
Every speck
Every glittering morsel
My opulence
Love, love, love

(c) Kay Irvin

Monday, June 3, 2013

Love Hard

Stitch on, stitch a reason why
I should stay, not say goodbye
You give me little to hold onto
I love hard, give all,... until I break
All for naught, dying love's sake

Stitch please, stitch sorry with salt
I've been tested to a fault
My tears are worth more than last ditch words
Hook and patch won't save the split that's torn
You snag at excuse, fistful of thorn

And I should go to pieces
Let end begin
Fail releases
Crisp light
Silver lining, shining in

(c) Kay Irvin

'And no one really knows
... the child who comes and goes'
(from Changeling - Kay Irvin)

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