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Friday, April 29, 2011


Blow me a kiss, make a wish
Close your eyes
Let me watch the sun dance on your face
Our time here is just for a moment
I carry you, please remember me

Winds of change are at close range
Nightfall waits
Let me move through your floating heartbeat
Winsome momentum is billowing
Sapphire to sable elysian

Blow me a kiss, make a wish
Close your eyes
Let the moonlight find and trace your smile
Ethereal stars will burst forth to glean
I carry you, please remember me

Love is forever
Love is in between
Love is forever
Love is in between

(c) Kay Irvin

Modifying Perpetual Disintegration

Knowing you, losing myself
A little more of me disappears
Your mood lowers like a noose
My heart breaks, snaps, cracks with your rough veers
Coiled hereafter
Hangs from the rafter
Gallows keep making
You are breath-taking

I'm sick of being sickened by your sight
Your temper tantrums, anger issues, fight
Your glacial whine and misplaced fears are trite

Leaving you, gaining myself
Edgier part of me makes return
I have taken the worst from the best
You're pathetic poser, flashback churn
Break, snap, crack, I watch the gallows burn
And all the photographs burn
And all the dead flowers burn
And communications burn
Hopes and mistakes blacken (burn)

(c) Kay Irvin

Friday, April 22, 2011

Aria In Green

Green light, green dreams come to rock me to sleep
Your memory comforts me, ease me deep
Such brightness can never really be gone
Haunting bass and baritone echoes on

Release what's inside, I know you were right
I can still hear your voice in the night
Sending .... "Laugh, cry, challenge reality."
Oh, the green man brings luminosity

Be an open book, I know you were right
I can still feel your presence in the night
Suspended in dusk, touch of Halloween
Oh, rocking mist come aria in green

A thousand candles, a thousand windows
Green dreams come swaying and the green light glows
Lyrical flickering reflects to fly
Softly ... a tall, winged shadow passes by

(c) Kay Irvin

~ For Peter Steele (January 4, 1962 - April 14, 2010)
... and his family, friends & fans {with my Love}
One of my favorite songs is the Type O Negative
version of "Summer Breeze" ...
- - "A little light-a-shinin' in the window
let's me know everything's all right."
:: Other TON songs ::
Green Man, Suspended In Dusk & Halloween In Heaven
The candle in the window reference (has varied meanings):
A guide to the way back home, friendship to travelers,
... and/or loyalty to a loved one
And there are more than a thousand
... Peter meant a lot to many more
Metal/Rock mourned the loss of a few in 2010 including:
Ronnie James Dio and Paul Gray (Slipknot)
Thoughts & Love to their family, friends & fans as well

Monday, April 18, 2011


Maybe my perspective is obsolete
Maybe your directive is incomplete
Something's unclear, some anchor is obscure
Puzzlement and detachment, as it were
(All scenarios are dysfunctional)

Caught up within the mesmeric ideal
Caught up til endeavor is overkill
Maybe nostalgia is our deja vu
Maybe you're bored and I haven't a clue

Maybe I'm a one stop philosophy
Maybe today is one shot poetry
Balladry is fifty-five words or less
Odyssey is potluck, shall I repress?
(All scenarios are dysfunctional)

Caught up within the mesmeric ideal
Caught up til endeavor is overkill
Maybe you're sweet spot, chink in the armor
Maybe I'll leave, maybe I'll love you harder

(c) Kay Irvin

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Winter Rose

Around and round and falling down
And in descent, there is no sound
Snow angels and snow castles form
Beneath dark skies, among a storm

Crystalline when the sunlight shows
Melting with flit of morning crows
That essence sleeps (though in repose)
Just for a time, the Winter Rose

Chasm outreaches with white gold
Window glass is a touch so cold
Night breeze like airy thorns transform
Returning, yearning to be warm

Crystalline when the sunlight shows
Melting with flit of morning crows
That essence sleeps (though in repose)
Just for a time, the Winter Rose

(c) Kay Irvin

Friday, April 8, 2011

Madame, Queen, Lady

Madame, I am here
And gift your garden
I'm knocking, placing an "x" by three
My quest is dreamy
I entrust you with my reverie

I come with flowers
I come as a simple stargazer
Quick, as a razor
Grant a wish to me
Slash the sorrow, Queen, with your beauty

Guide me, show me path
As marble leads and lines mystic ground
Gateways are spellbound
All is a journey
Among worlds that bridge infinity

I come with ribbons
I come for strength and serenity
If I am worthy
Madame, Queen, Lady
Wave some magic for my destiny

(c) Kay Irvin

~ Written about: Madame Marie Laveau,
"Voodoo Queen" of New Orleans [1794-1881]
People, even today, bring gifts to her tomb ...
And often leave "xxx", or knock 3 times,
(asking for a wish or for good luck) ~

Saturday, April 2, 2011


There's no pleasing everyone
It's delirium to try
(ask me why)

Sewing circles needle lies
Silvery threads had sewn my eyes
Lashes ripping, open wide
But they'll never care what's inside

The hellion and wild child lives
Through hypocrisy-laced motives
Even if you cater whims
Some would stitch you with requiems

If they can't think on their own
And self-righteous snare make their throne
Let the instigators rejoice
And beset purl seal up their voice

Hellions, rebellions, anarchy
Not trendy circle's cup of tea
There's no pleasing such snobbery
It's delirium to try
(can you see why?)
(can you see why?)

(c) Kay Irvin

'And no one really knows
... the child who comes and goes'
(from Changeling - Kay Irvin)

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