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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Nosy Parker

Miss know-it-all strikes again
By hook or crook, make or fake
The world revolves around her
She's incapable of making a mistake
You guess, I guess, she's a ticker tape newsbreak

Her nickname's Nosy Parker
She says she hates drama scenes
Can you define irony?
Social butterfly of the spin zone careens
And tranquility is blown to smithereens

She has minions that coddle
They're cookie-cutter model
Cackle is fine honed technique
She loves to hear herself speak
Disengagement is best alleviation
Escapism holds fair justification
You guess, I guess, there's always medication

She's a shocker (Nosy Parker)
Living in a glass house
Throwing stones, throwing stones
And making use of her jawbones
She's a shocker (Nosy Parker)

© Kay Irvin

~ He or She (Nosy Parker)
We all know at least one person like this (or a few)
I know a few  :)
They sit around, getting all comfy in conversation
- Eventually bringing up this person or that person
Making some stuff up as they go along
And ... Oh, they lieeeeeee
Hashing up drama ...
(~ if not, where's the fun in that ~)
They're just truly ... miserable people
Of course, they would rather bash someone else
(~ Who cares if it's accurate ~)
It's easier to chatter up a vile potpourri of 
... blah, blah, blah [with a serving of hypocrisy]
- rather than - take a look inward, 
- minus the selective memory and self pardons -
and actually handle their own issues
[and fess up some tidbits of their lives for critique]
Hellz no! ... (their gossip is spiked, as a stake)
They want a sacrificial vampire

Friday, June 13, 2014


Poser, faux closer
Make me your bleeder
Spread slithering lies like a disease
There's eager ..... takers
Can't-think-for-themselves stakers
Name me the sacrificial vampire
Put one through my heart
Make me your bleeder

No one hit wonder
You're a repeater
Ego stroker
Gettin' off on divide
Blame me for everything (deceiver)
Instigate and lash
Swear and scream at me, like I'm trash
... but I negate, as receiver
You never gave a damn ... about me
I'm gone
Drama on
Creature ... of habit,... it's in your nature
(your BS Mantra):
'Must be a troublemaker, hater'
Frothing at the mouth

If you think ...'it's about you'
- You have a guilty conscience
What goes around, comes around

Guilty conscience
Comes around
Guilty conscience
Comes around

Seeth for the seether
(three times bad, three times good)

Seeth for the seether

© Kay Irvin

~ and we've all known at least one person like this
(probably a few folks ... like this)
I know I have
(I can think of a few people ... real easy)
They make use of their jawbones
... What goes around, comes around

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Midnight in Bordeaux

Burgundy once met with an airy, lavender eve.
Iris petals and balloons, floated an Autumn breeze.
Scarlet oak and sycamore lined sleepy, shady paths.
Ticket booths warm-welcomed crowds buzzing like honeybees,
Carnival enraptured, captured to please.
Sugar rimmed glasses, cherry jubilees.

Overarch were old posters, snapping, waving us in.
A magic man drew his wand like a sword wielding knight.
'Peek unique!', hollered out, 'There's a freakshow on the left, -
For a token, peep the showgirl, burlesque on the right, -
Step right up,... the funhouse mirrors ... won't bite!'
But height was fright, crept from a stranger's sight.

'Round I raced, footsteps chased, following my every move.
Past the corner, popgun shout, 'Win a prize!', I did go.
His painted mask led terror to imagination.
I thought,... this stranger, gone watching, stalking me,... I know.
Wicked comes sure, as crisp, maroon leaves blow.
And Fall is eerie, Midnight in Bordeaux.

'Don't be afraid, hear your fortune!', beckoned a mystic.
'Gypsy', said I, 'tell my tarot, gaze the crystal through!'
Frankincense burned, a black cat purred as the lady hissed,
'You won't meet a stranger,... But a stranger will meet you -
Onyx eyes ... with fire in the blood, anew -
Tale, legend, fable,... but it all ... be true!'

Every good thing must come to an end, 'tis honest phrase -
Tents billowed as wings, while cotton candy swirled to slack.
Ferris wheel lights went out, slowly one by one, 'til pitch,
And carousel, wild horses ran free of their track.
I saw visions that can't be taken back.
As still, chill gazed ... the stranger's eyes of black.

Always, I had wondered, what lasts beyond day's bright stay, -
Is anything immortal, when life unfolds to dust?
Such unknown, dark delights were only ever riddle.
But the unnamed gave answer mid season shades of rust.
And to this stranger's side pulled starry lust.
He magnetized me, easily to trust.

Under an alabaster moon, I sighed, 'I am home.'
The stranger's eyes rolled over red, when fed crimson kiss.
And then, whose whisper kindled my heartbeat with cradle, -
'Betray and farewells be pain you won't miss,-
Though once were tears, think not of the abyss; -
'Strigoi are kindred, born to endless bliss.'

Xiphoid, twin touch siphoned Summer unto its death.
Long after pitiful decay, some will thrive from sieve.
We're carnival monsters, nosferatu, shadow-dreams,
Time is the love, though kill know spill paired by sharpened shiv.
Bond is the blood,... this world has much to give.
Now, I with him,...each victim screams, 'They live!'

© Kay Irvin

~ About going to an Autumn carnival,
meeting a vampire and becoming one.
I wanted to do something a little different
with this poem.
The first letter of each stanza (top to bottom)
spells the word: B.O.R.D.E.A.U.X.

'And no one really knows
... the child who comes and goes'
(from Changeling - Kay Irvin)

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