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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gothic Victorian

Flames are on the leaves
The waters are still
Wistful presence grieves
Riddle charms surreal
Can you feel, can you feel?

There is calm before the storm
Something dies, something is born
And thunder lives
(she is)

Hazel eyes know pain
They look into you
Lightning splits the rain
And she reaches through
Believe ... do you, do you?

Nightmares chill the bone
And there's no way out
You are not alone
She's heart of the house
Do you doubt, do you doubt?

Climb up to the thirteenth stair
And she will be waiting there
She knows you are so weary
Her soft touch may seem eerie
She knows you can understand
Love is the take of her hand

And she is strangely comforting
(she is)
Dark hair, deep stare and black lace
Dark soul offering embrace
And she is strangely comforting
(she is)
The piano plays tonight
Chime tolls long, time come alight
Thirteen candles burning bright

And thunder lives
(she is)
Gothic Victorian
Sweet flesh of porcelain
(she is, she is)

(c) Kay Irvin

~ In part - for Sarah Winchester
And the Winchester Mystery House
The "13" is also for my Mother,
Born in Springtime (13th day)
Often, when I write, 13 will be mentioned
(my favorite number)
"I love you Mom and I'm thankful for you every day."

Phoenix Rising

You so kept me spinning and reeling
And it took everything I had
To hide feeling
Even though you were slowly killing me

My hands were chained, my heart was twisted
And I knew what I would have to brave
To be lifted
From heavy path and aftermath to be

I had to give and prove
I had to see it done
To know deep in my heart
Trying bled till dying
And what remained was none

Your angry voice left me quite assured
What I had to do was before me
Oh, though obscured
Ruins lay jagged and unforgiving

From ground of burnt love, I rallied nerve
To push my footsteps, fierce into flight
What I deserve
Is the chance your attempt denied living

And dust swirled
Scorched by flame
Seared with blame
But just the same
Goodbye was on the wing
Upon my leave
Upon last time I'll ever hear you call my name

Last time was the last time I'll hear you call my name
Goodbye rides on the wing
There, it will always stay
With release to my back
A new horizon bursts
Far risen from the gray

(c) Kay Irvin

The Ghosts and Autumn Tambourine

Perhaps travelers all in at twilight
Searching for leaves and bed to rest a dream
So I thought, as October's playful child
And I crept the fortress of their lit scene
Flickering candlelight and tambourine

All souls gathered round a high bonfire
They offered flowers kin the May month green
For the cool mist of the changing season
Left the briar thick but the garden lean
Petals showered down from the tambourine

Coven choir sang with arousing voices
For to the depth and all the woods between
I was so captured with rustic beauty
Nearly forgetting the eve, Halloween
A haunting sound fell from the tambourine

Dusky dance and images illusion
Filled my mind but was loving gift to glean
Starry candles illuminated peace
All Hallows stirred shadows, casting forth serene
Chanting, chanting the world and blessed be

(c) Kay Irvin

'And no one really knows
... the child who comes and goes'
(from Changeling - Kay Irvin)

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