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Friday, May 24, 2013

Redbud Song

Avondale hills, his gentle violin -
Haunts the days, grown heavy and long
And time's temperamental as sloe gin
I hold my love, dear, deep and strong
Blackthorn, bittersweet, sad to part
Take to heart, mine beats to see you
Starling - follow and carry Redbud song
(I hold my love, dear, deep and strong)

Scissortail, gone past the front porch window -
Westward, where the horses stroll white clover
Labor conquers all things but now meadow -
Cradles the wind and toil is over
(He will fill moonlight with music again)

Chain link fences, shabby barns, honey hives
Cool, Summer creek, peaches and cream
Slow rosin - he makes sweetness come alive
Home - bring him to me, liken dream
Country back roads, picturesque gem
Nightwish - songbird sent, wing and crest
Shooting star - don't leave my eyes half agleam
(Home - bring him to me, liken dream)

(c) Kay Irvin

♡ - For Oklahoma (my home)
... and Love

Friday, May 17, 2013

Kiss Me Goodbye

You're treating me like an option
But I remember when
You said I filled your emptiness
Petals strewn 'cross the bedroom floor
Taking our time, all night
Now, memory is meaningless

We see each other less and less

Don't patronize me
Pretend, half-heart in,
With ... we could still try
Take the out, own it
And kiss me goodbye
Kiss me goodbye

Rest assured ...
Someone else will appreciate your mistake

Seems, once you got what you wanted
Your effort fell endgame
Hunger doesn't try anymore
There's too much you take for granted
Trading Midnight flowers
Your token steps ... away the door

Love in pieces, strewn 'cross the floor

Don't patronize me
Pretend, half-heart in,
With ... we could still try
Take the out, own it
And kiss me goodbye
Kiss me goodbye

Rest assured ...
Someone else will appreciate your mistake

(c) Kay Irvin

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Shadow and Light

She's the Victorian-Steampunk- Lady
Blush-sorbet camisole corset and opal, cameo choker
Bella Donna eyes and a shy touch,
trailing the scent of rose and honeysuckle
That alluring combination of vulnerability,
innocence and unawakened passion
Gibson Girl charme, offering pink-candy kisses

She's the Gothic-Wildfire-Woman
Raven-laced, thigh-high, snug stockings
Black on black nail polish, ember-red lipstick
and winged heart bracelet
That hot mixture of magic-madness, poetic-pain
and nightshade bewitchment
Growl (not a purr) and she-wolf perfume

She's a soft presence, airy as Heaven,
But tethered by a darkness that leaves her mind swimming in Hell

Don't you love her?
Can you stay and love her ...
even though she's beautifully broken
and stitched together, by thread slivers of shadow and light?

(c) Kay Irvin

Friday, May 10, 2013

Parchment Prose

Romantic rose
Antique crackles
Three words
(I - love - you)
The most perfect, most meaningful words ... ever
And I can smell him
Taste him
Feel him

Black ink quill
And I recall how handsome he is
When he's dressed in black
And how attracted I am (to him)
He wears it well

Elegant font, calligraphically grand
And I recall the curve of his sugar-smile
When he can't get enough of me
And I find that irresistible
I can't get enough of him

Breathy lyrics,... rhythmic, soft moans
I can hear him
His voice moves inside me
And I will recite his sentiment with delicacy
(when next, I'm with him)
Pleasurably procrastinating the brush of my lips
To his chest
His neck
His ear
More and again, I will smell him
Taste him
Feel him
What imagery and senses stir
Oh, those three words
Of parchment prose

(c) Kay Irvin

Crown Of Thorns (you are your own)

Something about your far off gaze
When you should be looking into my eyes
Rips through me and across each puppet string
And your attention drifts from haze
Resolve escapes the breath of compromise
The unsaid really does say everything

Something about your distant touch
When you should want to be main distraction
Allows uncertainty, how color bleeds
And you know damn well and too much
I'm grasping shadows, getting a fraction
Sour-driven, how your indecision feeds

Offer and hold back, bait and switch
Plant enticement with deception
And your selfishness feeds
(Draining, exhausting, killing me)

Tormenting twinge (underlying)
Seeds of doubt (love dying)
Crawling just beneath the surface
Dead flowers falling, my black tears
I would beg you to ease my fears
(but I don't think you can)
You drama up distress
Incapable of happiness
(you are your own) crown of thorns
(you are, you are, you are - your own crown of thorns)

(c) Kay Irvin

'And no one really knows
... the child who comes and goes'
(from Changeling - Kay Irvin)

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