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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Echo Bend

There's no other place more real
From where oak and honeysuckle regard
The wood's edge keeps vined with calm
But shadows deep bend secret, restless bard

Echoes lift from sleepy creeks
And drop to drift all homes with beckon slow
My love, my heart's immortal
My love, Oh how I did once love you so

The Winter sage eases tale
She spins prohpecy with her icy cast
Reckoning stirs what's jaded
She's fore sayer, reaching from each souls' past

And all the while whisper weaves
Forest is sweet but interlaced with woe
My love, you have betrayed me
My love, our destiny is death to show

The twilight fades to thunder
The night owls hush for their elusive perch
Rise a wolfen, wintry gaze
Stormy prowl of promise from pain bids search

There's no other place more real
From where dreams are captured in curio
My love, the photographs bleed
My love, it is my heart you'll never know

(c) Kay Irvin

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