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Friday, November 11, 2011

Winter Wren

I left Summer and went to Winter
From the West, traveling to the East
With colder ground, the grass did splinter
Blades of frost spiked, where green luster ceased

Some faces stared as elder-strangers
Their expressions chiseled out lifelines
They've known their share of strife and dangers
Harken wisdom blighted view defines

My breath fogged the bleak and flurried air
My stinging hands cracked with chafing wring
The land slept neath a harvest gone bare
Yet the mighty spruce and fir did sing

Town lights curled pine cone wreaths and bows
Night twinkle kept time with distant song
Shoppes, taverns and holly trimmed windows
Lay like blinking stars, briskly grown long

Each doorframe donned a mistletoe sprig
And welcomed with scent of toddy spice
Warmth met chocolate, candy cane and fig
While wooded serenade rang thrice

White dust blew across sidewalks and streets
The dark sky sprayed hurried, wider shed
Ole Blue Norther heaves as sashay sleets
For to palace stormy, snowy spread

My footsteps braved the kindred path chose
I left the festive and fragrant mood
By garland and hearth, I found repose
So missed and so wishfully pursued

From the dawn, a shy sun was peeking
Once more, I heard a tireless tune
Jealous crow caws milled around, shrieking
Envious of notes, crafted for June

I left the West for an Eastward roam
For some peace I could cherish again
And in my soul, I know I've come home
Blest by the crest calling Winter Wren

(c) Kay Irvin

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