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Sunday, January 27, 2013

To Die In Love

I can hardly remember what it's like to fall in love

I could take the good ... and bad
But I couldn't and never could take the good ... to bad
- When the good comes and leaves,
... then becomes a faint memory
And the bad is all that remains, everywhere,... smothering
It's as though, someone gives you a thing so special,
... Only to rip it away

You don't want to believe it
And you lie to yourself
- Thinking the good will come back,
Saying it will come back
- Anything to ease the overwhelming hurt,
Even if only for a few minutes
And you silently plead for the smallest amount of light
- To show itself midst those dark places, where you've sunk
Deep down,... deep as those dark places,
You know it won't ... but you won't admit it
... until, in retrospect

Forgive yourself for pushing away hard, cold reality
Hearts are fragile
We just hope for the best
We ache from loneliness
- So much so, that long after the fact of loss,
We sometimes wonder
... if being alone is better than just accepting the bad,
Knowing that's as good as it would ever be

It is,... and we acknowledge it as quick as we question it

I can hardly remember what it's like to fall in love
But I know what it's like ... to die in love

(c) Kay Irvin

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