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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gemini Night

Love the night, hate the night
Bite my lip, sting and feeling so right
Pierce, warm and elusive
It's temperamental blade
Baby, it cuts both ways

Extreme good, extreme bad
Wind me up, keep me high, black-steel-clad
Time's a double-edged sword
Blood and tears, hot and cold
Baby, let slow graze stroll

Evocative, little secrets scoff
Their potion-like pressures set you off
Forget guilt, get lost and seize that hilt
Dual, inhibitions flow
Make a minx, take a doe

Tomorrow you can forgive yourself
Pleasure and pain surrenders from stealth
Alter-ego, spirited Gemini
How both sides, each deny
How both sides, each deny

(c) Kay Irvin


  1. Always going to be one of my favorites of yours....Keep it up, Kay. :)

  2. Thank you, Bryan
    I appreciate your comments and visiting my blog.
    Hope there may be some more lyrics/poetry,
    in the future, that will be pleasing to you.
    Keep a smile ...


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