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Friday, May 10, 2013

Parchment Prose

Romantic rose
Antique crackles
Three words
(I - love - you)
The most perfect, most meaningful words ... ever
And I can smell him
Taste him
Feel him

Black ink quill
And I recall how handsome he is
When he's dressed in black
And how attracted I am (to him)
He wears it well

Elegant font, calligraphically grand
And I recall the curve of his sugar-smile
When he can't get enough of me
And I find that irresistible
I can't get enough of him

Breathy lyrics,... rhythmic, soft moans
I can hear him
His voice moves inside me
And I will recite his sentiment with delicacy
(when next, I'm with him)
Pleasurably procrastinating the brush of my lips
To his chest
His neck
His ear
More and again, I will smell him
Taste him
Feel him
What imagery and senses stir
Oh, those three words
Of parchment prose

(c) Kay Irvin

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