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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Liar's Moon

Buckin' for attention
Fishin', huntin'
Wanderlust flirt
Repeating testimony
No one gets hurt
Angling across the surface of their eyes
Love is the lure, bait sugar-coated lies
You got a good thing goin', catchy line
Don't let 'em compare and you'll be just fine

Call 'em one in a million, solid strike
It's a shadow tactic but they won't know
Mind games, (shame ... on you), practice makes a pro

Then a night comes,... neon Angel, rival
Prowlin', primal, better than you can give
You'll find turnabout hits you where you live

Walkin' past pet names and stale jukebox tune
Pivot the liar's moon-player with deal
- On to someone else, in the room, that's real

Oh, love ...
It doesn't have to be perfect
But it must be real

(c) Kay Irvin

Wrote this after running across something
I hadn't read for many years ...
(sorry, I don't know the Author)
A quote [or poem] as follows -
"A lover's moon soars clear and bright,
guiding true love throughout the night.
But a liar's moon lurks misty and gray,
scheming to drive true love away."

(Here) I didn't make reference to "she" or "he"
(at times, try not to) because that can restrict
the writing ... for the reader.
[theme can be a man's or woman's point of view ]
- Different readers, different situations

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