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Monday, April 28, 2014


There is a ballad but though a tale
Many a soul takes pause in belief
Windsong Hall ... sends resonance of wail
Aye, night breeze blows, towing with it, grief

Wormwood may thrive from the  harrowing
But death indeed lives her stately lore
Dark lullabies escape narrowing
Whereto no chalice brims of jade pour

An earthbound Angel so softly sings
Old mortar and stone enthrone namesake
'Twas blue-eyed devil that clipped her wings
Aye, steadfast threnody calls with ache

A rose garden was once blighted by blood
Beauty slain,... bane crimsoned ... pale, winsome bud
Follow the grove, past the meadow is house
Aye, she's grieving but believing in love

© Kay Irvin

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