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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Interlacing my throbbing heart
Your face
As I

(c) Kay Irvin

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Want and need is a kiss
For you and no other
And trembling, warm blood

Gossamer, shivering touch
Feel electricity
Push and pull
Spidering every vein

Cold, cruel, lonely fears
Fade, now, with covet
Reckon is here
Sure kindred, pure destiny

Want and need is a kiss
For you and no other
Hot blooded
Raw, real, awake, alive

Air-spun, endearing whisper
Flow with take and rush
Blush-hungry crave
Taste sweet, eternal love

(c) Kay Irvin

Black Candle Night

Black candle night, reflecting fire
Beckoning lives the looking glass
The willing pose, souls transpire
Curious stares chant for your cast

The witching hour melts the wicks
Imagining your direction
Your riddled presence softly pricks
A blood rose, darkly connection

More ... your green, rocking eyes
More ... your crimson hair flies
Rise this black candle night

Peculiar lair
Emerald windows
Someone taps
Someone calls
A Westerly wind carries a song
Dedicated to you
Whispering Mary

Challenging all that is shady
With pale flesh and tresses alight
What is the way of it, lady ...
On this spellbound black candle night?

(c) Kay Irvin

Diamond Dust

You're not so far away
That I can't reach and grasp
With invisible hands
I filter through your mind
Lifting, separating
Diamond dust feelings
Radiant thoughts
My fingers drenched with light
Consuming my body
With brightness I feel you
Crushed crystalline rapture

(c) Kay Irvin


Carriages knock atop the cobblestone
Mist rouses and horse manes wave like banners
The coach riders know I journey alone
They peer, passing gothic statues and lanterns
And as melodic hooves march on their way
The dark speaks, befallen starless display,
"Come home, Carpathia ... stay
This night, Carpathia ... stay."

Black horizons drape the October field
Streets are mazes where the candlelight shies
Shutters slumber closed and doorways are chilled
Where night birds perch, rocking prophetic eyes
And as the birds take flight to find the moon
He calls from lost depths of the darkly noon,
"Come home, Carpathia ... soon
This night, Carpathia ... soon."

(c) Kay Irvin

Autumn Cinder

Autumn cinder comes to play
And take away brightly stay
Memories now chill down
Warmth is no where to be found
The sleepy season sighs
Sunlight cries the Summer's tears

Autumn cinder brings the rain
And cools the end's after-pain
Stillness will resurrect
Peace slumbers in love's regret
Long days of burning dies
Sunlight cries the Summer's tears

(c) Kay Irvin

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Give us a sweet goodbye
Before illusion fades to scorn
When the sunset aims sly
And our reality is torn
The rose will sleep beauty
As flames of daylight's death is born

Give us one last embrace
Before the garden withers stark
Blossoms will bleed with grace
As shadows rush to steal their spark
I was too close to see
Full picture always hid true mark
To the dark

I give us love and hate
It's wrapped in the pause that's worn
We opened up the gate
To grounds bound empty and forlorn
Burn and sharp intertwine
Our end befalls as brightness mourns

(c) Kay Irvin

Velvet Crush

We were
Mid shadow falls
And the stardust
And the moon
Were dripping light
Silvery and serene

And the trees
Were swaying
Cool and inviting

Your arms
Needing me
I felt safe in your embrace
Needing you

I imagined love
As cling wove heartbeat-mesh
Black lace lined soft-crunch press
And as your breath
Velvet crush

(c) Kay Irvin

The Witching Hour

A wisp floats to the hallways of sticks in fragrant burn
Sublime elixir swirls every chalice turn
The velvet room glows, the chamber flickers rhapsody
Crystal patterns dip fire and circle restlessly

Silvern shapes line in rows with herbal, ageless define
Avadon kneads a cat's claw and stretches blackest shine
Time of twisting labyrinths unravel for to see
The witching hour fixate on all that truly be

Before the morning cradle the nightfall will allow
Some glimpse of random thoughts, some creation coming out
And journals will be penned with hands amazed to roam
When voices of mood echo through the catacomb

(c) Kay Irvin


Love has been suppressed far too long
Enchanted seasons can't be wrong
I could stay tangled by your slight
But Spring blossom scent fills the night

You come and go but never see
Love aspires epiphany
I could stay tangled with regret
But Summer starlight won't forget

Love has built up to overflow
With one, slow embrace it will show
I could stay tangled to the dark
But Autumn leaves release a spark

(c) Kay Irvin

Midnight Anthems

Fairly a rustle but of pen to paper
Some lyrics
Some melodic strokes
Interrupting the silence
Slit of the curtains
As sporadic lights
Splitting shadowy corners
Frosted glass ... a sigh's exhale
And the hours pass by
Edge of the night
Edge of the pages

The tawny will soon come
But for now
Time still slowly revolves
Through stardust

(c) Kay Irvin

Echo Bend

There's no other place more real
From where oak and honeysuckle regard
The wood's edge keeps vined with calm
But shadows deep bend secret, restless bard

Echoes lift from sleepy creeks
And drop to drift all homes with beckon slow
My love, my heart's immortal
My love, Oh how I did once love you so

The Winter sage eases tale
She spins prohpecy with her icy cast
Reckoning stirs what's jaded
She's fore sayer, reaching from each souls' past

And all the while whisper weaves
Forest is sweet but interlaced with woe
My love, you have betrayed me
My love, our destiny is death to show

The twilight fades to thunder
The night owls hush for their elusive perch
Rise a wolfen, wintry gaze
Stormy prowl of promise from pain bids search

There's no other place more real
From where dreams are captured in curio
My love, the photographs bleed
My love, it is my heart you'll never know

(c) Kay Irvin

~13 ~

I dreamt of Midnight turning to the thirteenth hour.
I dreamt of thirteen candles and thirteen, black flowers.
I walked past thirteen windows and entered the thirteenth hall,
Where a calendar, marked thirteen, suspended the wall.

Thirteen black cats perched on thirteen, high, wooden rafters.
They taunted prowling wolves with their slow, purring laughter.
Thirteen footsteps, I took, to consider this story.
The view was surreal with all its fictional glory.
But on this thirteenth slumber of the thirteenth, same dream,
Some sanely truth was offered from the madness that seem.

I heard a clock chime with thirteen, long, lingering bells
And I envied this theme with its corridors of spells.
Onward, I awoke to the reality of dawn
And the peculiar kingdom of illusion was gone.
I reckoned with each to decide the strangest of place
And found that the factual and dream parallel pace.

(c) Kay Irvin

'And no one really knows
... the child who comes and goes'
(from Changeling - Kay Irvin)

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