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Friday, February 25, 2011

The Fiddler's Ghost

Spring lifts airy notes of gardenia
And mimosa blooms with feathered blush
Warm breezes sail atop the river
Days rustle to fragrant nights of hush

The weeping willow bends and dances
A thousand arms sway their silken vine
The fiddler stays and plays for hours
And he softly sings ... "My love is thine"

Summer settles into fiery trance
Melodic waters flow over moss
River current sprays dawn to dusk glint
Foaming rocks cascade billowy gloss

The weeping willow shelters with shade
Birds rest neath branches that twirl as twine
The fiddler stays and plays for hours
And he softly sings ... "My love is thine"

Autumn charm unfurls lush, rippling gold
Leaves turn crisp and blow across the stream
And Winter winks ice teardrops of frost
The willow weeps, chilled in drape of cream

Ladylove is among all seasons
Violin and euphony enshrine
And twin souls, to each, vow one design
And ghostly lore for true hearts align

The fiddler returns to river's edge
Where love's lady haunts its long shoreline
He stays and plays her song for hours
And she softly sings ... "Forever thine"

(c) Kay Irvin


  1. Love the imagery, the rhythms here... Dark worlds hold treasures of nature.

  2. Thank you ... I really appreciate your comment.


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