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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Ever mine, ever gothic romantic
Graced paper lace and Winter violin
Frosted hearts wake frantic
(I keep you)
When the parlor light is slightest hue
I am elusive touch that sweeps your skin

Desire closed cold as frozen flowers
Ice kissed, wondering if love's saint forgot
Now home unfolds the hours
(I keep you)
When candles spindrift embrace anew
I am lyrical chill ... "forget me not"

Feel me, feel my eyes watching over you
Here and near, darling, ever connected
And you cannot hide, you are affected
I know you know (quivering, shivering)
There's no letting go, there's no letting go
Footsteps lead wait as whisper lifts dreaming
Soul screaming infinite, devoted pine
Ever mine, Eventide, Valentine

You are mine
Ever mine, Eventide, Valentine

(c) Kay Irvin

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