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Friday, April 22, 2011

Aria In Green

Green light, green dreams come to rock me to sleep
Your memory comforts me, ease me deep
Such brightness can never really be gone
Haunting bass and baritone echoes on

Release what's inside, I know you were right
I can still hear your voice in the night
Sending .... "Laugh, cry, challenge reality."
Oh, the green man brings luminosity

Be an open book, I know you were right
I can still feel your presence in the night
Suspended in dusk, touch of Halloween
Oh, rocking mist come aria in green

A thousand candles, a thousand windows
Green dreams come swaying and the green light glows
Lyrical flickering reflects to fly
Softly ... a tall, winged shadow passes by

(c) Kay Irvin

~ For Peter Steele (January 4, 1962 - April 14, 2010)
... and his family, friends & fans {with my Love}
One of my favorite songs is the Type O Negative
version of "Summer Breeze" ...
- - "A little light-a-shinin' in the window
let's me know everything's all right."
:: Other TON songs ::
Green Man, Suspended In Dusk & Halloween In Heaven
The candle in the window reference (has varied meanings):
A guide to the way back home, friendship to travelers,
... and/or loyalty to a loved one
And there are more than a thousand
... Peter meant a lot to many more
Metal/Rock mourned the loss of a few in 2010 including:
Ronnie James Dio and Paul Gray (Slipknot)
Thoughts & Love to their family, friends & fans as well

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