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Saturday, April 2, 2011


There's no pleasing everyone
It's delirium to try
(ask me why)

Sewing circles needle lies
Silvery threads had sewn my eyes
Lashes ripping, open wide
But they'll never care what's inside

The hellion and wild child lives
Through hypocrisy-laced motives
Even if you cater whims
Some would stitch you with requiems

If they can't think on their own
And self-righteous snare make their throne
Let the instigators rejoice
And beset purl seal up their voice

Hellions, rebellions, anarchy
Not trendy circle's cup of tea
There's no pleasing such snobbery
It's delirium to try
(can you see why?)
(can you see why?)

(c) Kay Irvin


  1. Yeah that's cool!

    I can see why. No control over our emotions and desires.

    Once again. Very Cool!

  2. Thank you Leighton ... you got it :)
    - Well most everyone has been in that place of trying to make people happy (family, friends, etc.) And then there are the troublemakers, making sure you don't fit in. It's amazing that some can't think for themselves and truly make an effort to know a person. Instead, they coddle the instigators, following their perception about "a person." By and by, it's time to tune out the sewing circles.


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