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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Summer Gloaming

Our story is one that began long ago
Old photographs cue like a movie reel
Love is a gentle lull with tender glow
Now, it's a sunset that I search to steal

We held a brilliant light
Gone before its time
But I would follow your heart in mine
I felt some dreams come true
And I felt some loss
As uneasiness would pass me through
I was always with you
Old photographs don't lie
We touched the sun before it said goodbye

I knew solace once, through innocent days
Laughter didn't fear blurred uncertainty
Our eyes were ready for imperfect rays
We would challenge and make our destiny

The memories come flooding back so bright
We shared moments and place that know no end
Yesteryear burns like August with ignite
Summer gloaming reflects love's lasting send

(as a shimmering muse
... there won't be another like you again)

There is a brilliant light
Saved somewhere in time
It is your heart that follows in mine
Feeling some dreams come true
And feeling some loss
As uneasiness passes on through
I'm always part of you
Old photographs don't lie
I'll catch your sun and never say goodbye

(c) Kay Irvin


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