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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Autumn Woman

She gives you a wink with a soft smile
And you feel as though she's grabbed
something in you, some place deep inside you
- that's been sleeping for a long time
A curious magnet, drawing you, pulling you
... close to her
You're only too happy to be taken

She makes you weak
Hot, bats in the stomach, quivering weak
And you go dizzy when you think of
- how much
- how hard you've fallen in love with her
She sees through each and every facade
- that you could invent
She crumbles the walls
Any excuse to avoid her charm
... goes out the window
You're only too willing to be consumed

You would be devastated to see her cry,
... which won't be often, because she's fire
There's a flame within her ... and she burns
- Like the bursting colors of Autumn leaves

She's not the bright, bubbly, Summer girl type
- Bouncing, clubbing, laughing
Omitting a fragrance of fake bouquets,
... cheap liqueur and of stale, men's cologne,
... from the couple dozen guys
- that she flirtatiously rubbed against
Odds are;
You'd be drunk on fantasy
Getting off - on a high maintenance illusion
Puking your regret by morning
You'd only be a shiny, new toy,
... 'til your party girl tires of her plaything
And with this, you're only too sickened
... by how true you know it is

But not the Autumn Woman
- (no competition, no comparison) -
The Autumn Woman
She's not all used up and spent out
She is different
The one you would kill to keep and protect
Her flaws make her perfect
The real deal
Reclusive, resilient and beautifully dangerous
She's the kind that'll drive you mad
~ A trembling, euphoric, slow moan,
... 'Say my name' sort of madness ~
The forever love, mutual-worship lover
The fever you can't get out your head,
... because she owns your heart and soul
Intense, strong, relentless
When she looks at you,
... you're the only person in the world
And that's a powerful hook, like a spell
She dresses in black [it's her armour]
But she wears it like a gown made of night
Her lipstick kisses are like
... lovely, dark, crushed cherries
And she tastes like warm sugar
Her shy ways can turn risqué
And you really adore how that turns you on
She smells like dreams and sex and magic
In the purest form, the sweetest honesty

Her come-hither heels can bring you
- to your knees
But her tender touch lifts you to Heaven
And she cradles your insecurities,
... like an Angel, wrapping 'round you
- with black wings

© Kay Irvin

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