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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ghosts Among the Forest

Sweet day's death casts spell of heady stars,
Of waxing moons and cloaked avatars
And those kindred beasts peer out to see,
I in the beast and the beast in me

The midnight owl asks whose steps saunter,
Whose glow and blink be fearless haunter
Low growl, paws, crunch and leaves that fracture,
Move muscled arch, stead for fanged capture

Appearance, as heavenly as dream,
Pauses staunch stance by cool, rippled stream
And Wolfen sniff to the air incites,
Near to a dozen, as one, recites

The deer, the rabbit, the fowl provoke
Synergy of pack hastens evoke
Breeze carries a whiff of woods and blood
My own sate is awakened with flood

Torn flesh, born fresh, pulled, syphoned with need,
Lap up warm froth when hungry mouths feed
And tiny frames are guided to learn
Gentle coax nuzzles, then to take turn

I soon recall moreover savage,
Upright betrayal with aimed ravage
But peace comes easy from these wild friends
Devout coexistence never ends

This world can be lonely and cold,
Kinship starved, reeling lost, feeling old
Such immortal symphony stirs tear,
I with the beast and beast's beauty near

Shared, quiet sense strolls with tender graze,
Gingerly, pass exits forest haze
O'er dewy grass, crossing the glade,
Where treetops meld like backdrops, which fade

Ghostly nightshade fills with lupine song,
Resonate of choir, which I belong
And those kindred beasts peer out to see,
I in the beast and the beast in me

© Kay Irvin

~ for the beautiful wolves

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