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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Rebellion of the Social Misfits

Outsiders are made, not accidentally created. 
Whether it's coworkers, neighbors, friends or family, outsiders are the ones who say 'no', the ones who stand up for themselves and the ones who don't bend under the pressure of not belonging.
A lot of people have been there.
I've been there.
One of the biggest fears of many people, is that you won't fit it or that you'll be put outside of a circle. It's usually a circle of troublemakers, who get off on gossiping lies. It's a false sense of feeling included with mind-gamers who supposedly have your best interest at heart and want you to have the inside scoop on what they deem as communication, which bonds unity. 

Rebellion be the Hellion; that courageous square peg in a round world.
If you can get past the fear, life is on the other side.

Troublemakers will make half-assed threats that if you don't do something they want or if you don't stay away from someone or another group of folks, then you'll be emotionally punished, implying how you would be at risk of being all alone. That's their way of causing a divide and being a bully to keep you under their control. People have to think for themselves, use their heads and not be lazy by saying they know all about someone, when they actually base their beliefs on the opinions of others, for a particular individual. 

The last thing troublemakers want is to see someone they've oust be part of anything and know the peace of true belonging with others, besides the scope they would allow. They want individuals to lead a sorrowful life and feel damned via exclusion.

If anyone, you thought was a friend, won't listen to your side and have an interest in your pain, then they've already decided to exclude you. 
And they'll make up things about you (referencing facts) and guide others, within a circle, to stay clear of you. Truth will be hidden in layers of lies.
If others want to believe every lie as gospel (truth), take the bait, get hooked and be controlled by a circle, then it's genuinely liberating to not be a part of it.

It's all about finding people who will listen, will understand and will get how overrated that stuck-up, little circle is.
Then, you have your own place to call home.
Those who made you an outsider will hate it because they'll know that it's your turn to talk about them for a change, oust their behavior and have loyalty with like-minded souls who've been through the same ostracization.
Outsiders protect their own and make their own pack. 
We are the social misfits and the ones certain, hypocritical circles would throw away.
It's a high ... to feel acceptance and love, when smug hypocrites would enjoy causing you depression by saying you're a waste. 
Be brave, be alone ... until you find caring people who know the road you've been down because they've been on the same journey.

© Kay Irvin

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