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Saturday, February 21, 2015


He came to me, offering support, strength and closeness
He asked me questions, seemingly interested
He said he loved the way I thought
and the way I was, as a whole
But the nagging, leery part of me kept me cautious 
And ... so quickly came ... a change
Less questions
Less curiosity
Less support
More leaning on me
More, I was the strong one
More, I had the grit,
while his backbone often slumped limp
And I learned his tells
- how he faked initiative and surety
with a slight bad boy impersonation
He started making fun of me
- putting me down
- lashing out against the very way I was
But it was the same,
as once, he had said he loved
Time was like the slow burn of a razor blade
- temper tantrums and boyish sulk
I had no patience for it
He easily let me go and moved on to another

I imagine him now
- the faux pose, in black leather, atop a motorcycle,
like some character from a biker TV show
And I am thankful 
to be among the living, even though single,
better so, than a dead world of endless days and empty nights 
I guess he could hold unpleasant thoughts of me
And I might be hurt, if I wasn't moreover drawn to being appreciative of fate

© Kay Irvin

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ghost Girl

I remember watching people leave
But I had thought intentions would keep
Naïveté can kill over time
Slowly, clearly, as their true stripes creep

And as a twisted vine of ivy,
black thistles of shattered trust did sweep

You promised love, embraced me with care
Then,... walked past me, like I wasn't there
(Ghost Girl) ... 'what a waste and God's mistake'
- I heard you say and I died, inside, 
crumbled with pain, world tumbled to break
(because of the lies)
(there's ghosts in my eyes)

When closeness unraveled to strangers,
heft of their shadows darkened the sky
They never knew me and I not them
How easily they let go but why?

And 'why' rings through my deadfall and stays
- Unanswered call but tears have gone dry

May my torment haunt you, all your days
(Ghost Girl) ... ghosts in her eyes return gaze

© Kay Irvin

'And no one really knows
... the child who comes and goes'
(from Changeling - Kay Irvin)

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